Sunday, 16 December 2007

Customer service top 10

  1. Appearance - first impressions last a long time
  2. Attitude - a learned behaviour, make it positive
  3. Friendliness - be generous
  4. Impression - make the customer return by making an impression
  5. Responsibility - take action, exceed customers' expectations
  6. Commitment - my pledge to service and teamwork
  7. Teamwork - my actions effect everyone in my organisation
  8. Communication - active listening and positive responses
  9. Service - my personal commitment to making a difference
  10. Personal excellence - I believe in my ability to make a difference

It's not just me who thinks customer service is broken - Seth Godin's written a lot about the subject.

Customer service

I had a day off on Thursday because Sky told me their guy would be over to install a satellite dish. He never showed up, he didn't call, but they have such a monopoly I will have to ring them back and organise another appointment - and another day off cos they don't do week ends.

I thought I'd kill two birds so on Thursday I was hoping to get my car serviced too. The garage promised they'd call with a estimated quote and confirmation of the time I'd need to take the car in. They didn't call.

Customer service stinks in this country.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

iPhones sell like crepes suzette

I thought I'd follow up on my post below about the success of the iPhone.

Although I don't have any information on the UK market, on day one in France, Orange sold over 12000 iPhones.

Read the full story on how iPhones are selling like crepes suzette in France.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Apple iPhone for Christmas

How's the iPhone doing in the UK? With only 02 being on-board and having full exclusivity to the product, is it selling like hot cakes?

Am I tempted? Not yet! I keep on seeing the ads, I keep on hearing the buzz, but for me it's a lot of money and it isn't going to make my conversations any better!

Sure when you see it and play around with it you don't want to give it back, but after a couple of weeks I'm sure boredom would set in.

And it's not really a proper Smartphone. The storage capacity is fixed and for people with large music collections it's not really going to replace the ipod. The camera is low quality, and the 2G handset is slow!

Is the iPhone on your Christmas list?

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Egg nog french toast

Get into the holiday spirit with this tasty little number...

Egg Nog French Toast