Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween warning

Came home from work today to find that a letter with 2 chocolate bars attached had been posted through the letter box. I was amazed at how considerate parents can be.

Unbelievable, read this:


We will be bringing our sons around for their first trick or treat experience, as you can imagine we would like it to be a good one for them. Because we are all fairly new on the estate we were not sure if people would take part in Halloween.

Can we ask that if you are in, you answer your door and give them the treats that are attached.

And if you have any good tricks up your sleeves then that would be great as well.

Thank you

Trick or treat?

I found this Halloween greeting card in Wikipedia.

It's from 1904 and the young woman is looking into a mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of the face of her future husband.

Trick or treat anyone? ; )

Wine time

Didn't take long to find the tipple I was looking for.

After giving Quidco a quick once over, I followed that up with a search on HotUKDeals. And I was pleasantly surprised. 25% off all wine at Sainsbury's.

That's the vino taken care of.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I'm really excited about this blog.

I'm at work and, as usual, I'm pretty bored. So I thought I'd get stuck into it - the blog that is, not work. It's like a new toy.

Well actually I was looking around some sites for offers on wine. We've got some friends coming over from Greece at Christmas and I've been on the look-out for some bargains. Why's it so expensive over here? In Greece you can get a very decent bottle of Greek wine for under 6 euros (the link will show you a very nice Boutari for about 10 euros). Over here you've got to take out a mortgage to get anything decent! £96.88 for 6 bottles of red and 6 bottles of white. I don't care if it's a south Australian shiraz that gets your taste buds leaping around like an over-excited kangaroo. After a few glasses can you tell? Actually, the seller's words are "the hottest wines of the moment" - now that's really sold it to me.

Well, I'm going to explore some more...

Alive and kicking

First of all, I don't know if the title I gave this blog is a little negative sounding?! ; )

It's not meant to be at all - I came up with around 6 or 7 others but they were all unavailable, and I guess I just wanted something that sounded original and something that's maybe a bit ironic - I'm a greek girl living in the UK after all!

Anyway, don't read too much into it, the title of this post is much more positive! And it's my first one. I don't know where this is going, but I'm looking forward to see where it takes me.

So, just wanted to kick this off - you gotta start somewhere. :)