Sunday, 4 November 2007

New born blogs

My blog's not even a week old.

How will it look one year from now. That's assuming I'm still loving it after a year?!

I hear that 3 months is a good indication as to whether you're going to stick at it or not. I've read so many blog related stories this past week, and to be honest, it's easy to become overwhelmed in blogworld.

There's so much information out there on blogging alone, and I guess it depends on what you want to achieve, what your goals are and what makes you happy, but cutting through all the information, tools, resource and advice is pretty difficult when you're a newbie like me.

There's simply too much going on!

I'm not about to quit, far from it, and I guess one of my short term goals is to climb this learning curve and eventually pull together some kind of hit list to help blogging beginners and newbies like me.

For starters, I think item one on the hit list will be 'getting traffic'.

Not that I'm looking for short-cuts or anything, but if there's anyone out there who could help, I'd really appreciate it!

Maybe one year from now, on my blog's birthday, I'll look back on this as a well seasoned blogging veteran and smile.

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