Wednesday, 7 November 2007

10 techniques for finding blog readers

It's become a mission of mine to get more readers, and expand my readership beyond friends, family and work mates.

Out of all the information I've read so far about attracting more readers, I've found a beauty of a post written by Yaro Starak.

Rather than copy and paste (is that stealing?!) their entire article, I've bullet pointed the top 10 techniques. You can find the entire article here.

  1. Write at least five major pillar articles
  2. Write one new blog post per day minimum
  3. Use a proper domain name
  4. Start commenting on other blogs
  5. Trackback and link to other blogs in your blog posts
  6. Encourage comments on your own blog
  7. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival
  8. Submit your blog to
  9. Submit your articles to
  10. Write more pillar articles
Note to self: Is my blog turning into a blog about blogging?

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