Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I'm really excited about this blog.

I'm at work and, as usual, I'm pretty bored. So I thought I'd get stuck into it - the blog that is, not work. It's like a new toy.

Well actually I was looking around some sites for offers on wine. We've got some friends coming over from Greece at Christmas and I've been on the look-out for some bargains. Why's it so expensive over here? In Greece you can get a very decent bottle of Greek wine for under 6 euros (the link will show you a very nice Boutari for about 10 euros). Over here you've got to take out a mortgage to get anything decent! £96.88 for 6 bottles of red and 6 bottles of white. I don't care if it's a south Australian shiraz that gets your taste buds leaping around like an over-excited kangaroo. After a few glasses can you tell? Actually, the seller's words are "the hottest wines of the moment" - now that's really sold it to me.

Well, I'm going to explore some more...

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